How to choose a backpack | Advice from the experts

Hiking backpacks are divided into trekking, assault and expedition - each type for different types of hiking. Learn more about how to choose a comfortable backpack.
What is the difference between frame and frameless backpacks
By design hiking backpacks can be divided into anatomical frame and soft frame-less.

Frameless backpacks have no rigid frame and are a soft pouch. The larger the backpack, the more difficult it is to evenly distribute weight, as things under the influence of gravity accumulate at the bottom.

Today's frameless backpacks are made of ultralight materials. Such backpacks weigh about 1 kg. Most of the backpacks are up to 30 liters, but there are more roomy - up to 80 liters.

Frame backpacks have a rigid frame - metal or plastic tubes connected together. With their help backpack holds its shape. In such a backpack, the weight is distributed evenly across the back and it is easier to stow.

The frame can be inside the backpack and outside. On short hikes, the inner frame can be removed. The outer frame cannot be removed.

Frame backpacks are more versatile and comfortable, but weigh 1-2 kg more than frameless backpacks of the same volume.
What is a backpack
A trekking backpack is a simple small to medium-sized backpack made of durable synthetic waterproof fabric. It can be of frame or frameless construction.

Small backpack trekking is needed for short, uncomplicated trips: picnics, picking mushrooms and berries, fishing. Volume of backpack - from 20 to 50 liters.

Standard trekking backpack has a capacity of 50-80 liters. With him go hiking for one to two weeks. In backpack volume of 70-80 liters can put a tent, sleeping bag, equipment and food.

What you need an assault backpack for

An assault backpack is a must for short ascents in the mountains and small hikes in bad weather, when there is ice, snow and mud underfoot. Backpack has a streamlined shape, with one or two pockets, or no pockets at all. Volume - from 20 to 50 liters.

Assault backpacks are made from very strong high-tech materials that can withstand maximum loads and extreme conditions.

Assault backpack is designed so that it can be hung on top of the assault equipment: rope, crampons, ice tools.
What should be the straps of the backpack
The straps of a quality backpack are strong, soft and hold their shape well. For greater strength, the straps are additionally stitched with a triangle of dense fabric. Curved straps compare favorably to the straight ones as they fit snugly on your shoulders.

The length of the straps is adjusted with the lower slings. Some models also let you adjust the height of the straps so they don't hang off your shoulders or hurt your neck muscles.

Hook straps connect the top of the backpack to the shoulder straps so they can be pulled tauter across the back and adjust the center of gravity.

Ventilated shoulder straps are needed to keep the back and shoulders sweaty and to decrease the weight of the backpack. Backpacks with ventilated straps are popular among athletes who engage in extreme sports.

What's different about backpacks for women

Backpacks designed specifically for women have specially shaped shoulder straps that don't put pressure on your chest. The curved backrest accommodates your lower back curves. Otherwise, women's backpacks are the same as the general purpose backpacks.
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